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[ANN] Rails and Django Debate

John W. Long
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Chicago is becoming a great place for Web development with many of the
key people from both the Rails and Django communities calling it home.

On December 3rd, developers from all over Chicago will gather at DePaul
University to hear Adrian Holovaty (lead Django developer) and David
Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Rails) answer questions about their work
and the future of Web application development.

It should be dynamic. Presentations on both Django and Rails are
planned, as well as a debate of sorts between Adrian and David.

Who's Invited?

Everyone is invited to attend. Learn more and RSVP at:

How Can You Help?

* Questions for the debate will be culled from questions submitted on
the Snakes and Rubies Web site. Even if you can't attend you can still
take part. Head on over to and help us
make this an event to remember.

* Help get us slashdotted!!! We'd like to get as many people to attend
the event as possible to raise awareness for Ruby and Python. Getting
us slashdotted will go a long way towards helping us achieve that
goal, so any help here would be much appreciated. Other forms of
advertisement are welcome as well (Digg, etc...).

Plans are in the works to record both the audio and video from the
event, that way, even folks who are not able to attend can take part.
Stay tuned for further details.

John Long
for the Snakes and Rubies Team

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