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Legal symbol names and generics

Hugh Sasse
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On Fri, 25 Nov 2005, John Lam wrote:

> So rewriting my original example (which I now realize has the constructor
> parameter in the wrong place) [1]
> channel = ChannelFactory[IOutputChannel].new('
> This does, however clash with static indexers in the CLR since I would like
> to preserve the [] indexer semantics in the bridge ... thoughts?
> Thanks!
> -John

I've come in on the middle of this and don't know how to interpret
CLR (comp.lang.ruby? C++ Language RTTI? Something to do with .NET (I
forget what)?). So, I find myself wondering why not:

flickstem = "http:://"
channel ="IOChannel" => flickrstem,
"CreateChannel" =>
"FinancialDrain" =>
"BritTerrestrialChannels" => ["BBC1",
"BBC2", "ITV1", "Channel4", "five"])

where ChannelSweatshop is a big, smokey factory with lots of worker
methods to produce your channels for you, with rather of lot of
flexibility. And all those args will end up in a single hash.

Or pass a block to the constructor, instance_eval it, and call the
channels into being in tbe block.

But I've probably missed the crucial detail.


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