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Ruby, SWIG and C++: how to properly wrap vector of vectors of doubles (2D vectors)?

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Hi All,
I am succesfully using SWIG generated wreppers to export my C++ library to =
In my C++ library I extensively use nested C++ vectors like:

typedef std::vector<double> DblVtr; //1D-vector (vector of doubles)
typedef std::vector<DblVtr> DblVtr2; //2D-vector (vector of vectors of doub=

When using SWIG genereted wrappers, I cannot figure out how to initialize
2D-vector from 2D Ruby arrays.

v1=3D3D [1.0, 2.0] # works fine
v2=3D3D [v1, v1] # works fine

v3=3D3D [[1.0, 2.0], [1.0, 2.0]] # does NOT work!

What is the PROPER way of building nested containers when dealing with
SWIG and Ruby??
Any help is highly appreciated.



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