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drb server using file/tail to read file, and update client?

Christopher Aldridge
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I'm probably doing something completely stupid which is why I'd like
your suggestions please.

I'm using the file/tail module on a drb server to tail an httpd access
log(for example).

When a client connects, it tells the server to read the log and then
(the client)reports to stdout each new line that the server finds.

The only way I could get this to work, was to listen on a drb object
on the client within a new thread.. Then send the file/tail request to
the drb server, (along with the client connection details)..

After which, the server reads each new line of the logfile and calls
the client object which simply does:
puts line

This works, but I feel like there is (or should be) some way of making
the client persistently accept each new line all within the <client>
initiated transaction.

Any suggestions or am I doing it the only way it can be done?

Thanks all!

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