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[ANN] Instiki 0.10.2

Alex Verhovsky
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Dear all,

Coming back from a long hibernation over Microsoft .NET textbooks, I=20
have just released Instiki 0.10.2.

Instiki is a Wiki Clone <> that'=
s so easy to set up and so pretty to look at, you'=CDl be wondering wheth=
er this is a real wiki at all.=20

It is also the most frequently downloaded end-user application on RubyFor=
ge, surpassed only by the Ruby One Click Installer and RubyGems.

0.10.2 is a maintenance release. Primarily it is about fixing the "endles=
s redirects loop, triggered by a RedCloth exception" bug. Here is the ful=
l list of changes in the version:

* Resolved the "endless redirection loop" condition and otherwise improve=
d handling of errors in the rendering engines
* Fixed HTML export
* Upgraded to Rails 0.13.1
* Added layout=3Dno option to the export_html action (it exports page con=
tents processed by the markup engine, but without the default layout - so=
that they can be wrapped in some other layout)
* <nowiki> tag can span several lines (before it was applied when both op=
ening and closing tags were on the same line only)
* Fixed rendering of Markdown hyperlinks such as [Text](http://something.=

The released files are available at
Online documentation is at (the site is down as I writ=
e this, but it will be back soon).
Source code and bug tracker are at
An updated gem is already available on RubyForge gem server.

Best regards,
Alexey Verkhovsky

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James Edward Gray II
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On Jul 30, 2005, at 12:03 PM, Alex Verhovsky wrote:

> Dear all,
> Coming back from a long hibernation over Microsoft .NET textbooks,
> I have just released Instiki 0.10.2.

I'm very interested in the new release, but before I upgrade I have a
few questions:

1. I was running into problems with the --daemon feature in the
0.10.1 release and had to insert my own routine in script/server:

# ...

if OPTIONS[:notex]
OPTIONS[dflatex] = false
OPTIONS[dflatex] = system "pdflatex -version"
rescue Errno::ENOENT
OPTIONS[dflatex] = false


exit!(0) if fork
exit!(0) if fork
[ STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR ].each{|io|
io.reopen("/dev/null", "r+")



# ...


Is this issue resolved in the current release?

2. I'm having trouble PDFing pages on TextDrive. Does this release
address that at all?

3. I'm still experiencing some down time I haven't been able to
track down. Does Instiki do some logging I could use to help find
the problem?

Thanks for the information.

James Edward Gray II

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