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[ANN] Rant 0.3.6

Stefan Lang
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Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
similar to Rake.

== What's new in this release?

* Automatic cleanup of generated files
* Directed rules
* Constraining variables
* rant-import searches $LOAD_PATH
* Immediately build targets from Rantfiles

I'd appreciate suggestions about new features, names, etc.

== Installing Rant

You can install Rant as a RubyGem:
* * % gem install --remote rant

or download the package from RubyForge(
and install with install.rb:
* * % ruby install.rb

== More about Rant

The equivalent to a Makefile for make is the Rantfile. An
Rantfile is actually a valid Ruby script that is read by the
rant command.

Rant currently features:
* Defining custom tasks
* Automated packaging, testing and RDoc generation for Ruby
* applications and libraries.
* Primitive support for compiling C# sources portably with csc, cscc
* and mcs.
* Multiple buildfiles (e.g. one per directory).
* A configure plugin for easy environment and build-parameter
* checking (but not like autoconf!) which saves data in a yaml file.
* The rant-import command creates a monolithic rant script,
* so you don't depend on an rant installation anymore.

The following Rantfile solves the problem posted by Mark Probert.
Consider the following structure:
* Rantfile
* foo
* src_a/
* * a_1.c
* * a_2.c
* src_b/
* * b_1.c
* * b_2.c
* obj/
* * a_1.o
* * a_2.o
* * b_1.o
* * b_2.o

The Rantfile could look like:

import %w(directedrule autoclean)

desc "Build foo."
file :foo => "obj/libfoo.a" do |t|
sys "cc -o #{} #{t.source}"

gen Directory, "obj"

ro = gen DirectedRule, "obj" => sys["src_*"], => :c do |t| "obj"
sys "cc -c -o #{} #{t.source}"

file "obj/libfoo.a" => ro.candidates do |t|
sys "ar cr #{} #{t.prerequisites.arglist}"
sys "ranlib #{}"

desc "Cleanup."
gen AutoClean, :clean

Running rant:
% rant --tasks
rant foo # Build foo.
rant clean # Cleanup.
% rant
mkdir obj
cc -c -o obj/a_1.o src_a/a_1.c
cc -c -o obj/a_2.o src_a/a_2.c
cc -c -o obj/b_1.o src_b/b_1.c
ar cr obj/libfoo.a obj/a_1.o obj/a_2.o obj/b_1.o
ranlib obj/libfoo.a
cc -o foo obj/libfoo.a
% rant clean
rm -rf obj
rm -f foo

== Resources

Current docs::
Rubyforge page::


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