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Ruby DL Setup to send and receive windows messages?
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I am trying to send and receive messages between a ruby program and
another program. The end goal is to be able to send a message to the
other program to request data and the other program returns a message
saying where the data file is using Atom tables. Could anyone point me
in the right direction? I have been trying to use ruby dl but I never
seem to set it up right with anyting more complicated than the sleep
function. I always get this error "unexpected type 'W'" or one
similar to it. Here is what I have been trying so far with no luck.

require 'dl/import'
require 'dl/struct'
require 'dl/types'

module Win32
extend DL::Importable
dlload 'user32.dll'

typealias "WPARAM", "UINT"
typealias "LPARAM", "UINT"

POINT = struct [
"ULONG x",

MSG = struct [
"HWND hwnd",
"UINT message",
"WPARAM wParam",
"LPARAM lParam",
"DWORD time",
"POINT pt"

typealias "LPMSG","MSG*"

line = gets

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