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[ANN] eXPlain Project Management Tool - 1.1 Released

John Wilger
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I just made the version 1.1 release of eXPlainPMT available onRubyForge. ( This updatedoesn't include any major changes to the application itself—I justupdated it to the latest version of the Rails framework (0.12.1). Thiswas to fix issues that prevented the 1.0 release from being run underFCGI with more recent versions of Rails installed.
If you are already running eXPlainPMT 1.0, you should be able tosimply swap out the two versions by overwriting the older files (butbe smart and make a backup). Obviously, if you've made anycustomizations, you will have to take extra steps to keep them.
No changes to the database are necessary.-- Regards,John Wilger
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