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Kwartz-ruby 2.0.0 released - Ruby on Rails support

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I'm pleased to announce the release of Kwartz-ruby 2.0.0.

* Changes from beta4

* [enhance] Rails support
New command-line option `-Rails' (which is equivarent
to `-l eruby --globalvar-prefix=@') allow you to use
Kwartz with Ruby on Rails.
- example in `examples/rails1' directory
* [enhance] Rawcode expression support
You can write target code expression(Ruby, PHP, Java, etc)
directly in presentation logic. This is called `Rawcode
Expression'. It is treated as literal, such as string and
* [enhance] RubyGem support
If you have installed rubygem, just type
'gem install --remote kwartz-ruby' to install kwartz-ruby.
* [enhance] Region comment support
`/* region comment */' is supported in presentaion logic file.
* [bugfix] several bugs are fixed

* What's that?

Kwartz is a template system which is available with multi
programming language (PHP, Ruby and Java).
Kwartz realized the concept of 'Separation of Presentation Logic
and Presentaion data' (SoPL/PD) or 'Independence of Presentation
And Kwartz-ruby is an implementation of Kwartz in Ruby.
(There is a plan to develop implementations in PHP and Java.)

It is available to separate the presentation layer from the
main program with any template system. In addition, Kwartz
enables you to separate the presentation logics (iteration and
conditional branching) from the presentation data (HTML file).

* Features:

- Separates presentation logic from presentation data.
- Runs very fast
- Supports multiple programing languages (PHP/Ruby/Java)
- Doesn't break HTML design at all
- Handles any text file
- Supports Auto-Sanitizing and Partial-Sanitizing

* Resources:

- Web Page:

- Download:

- Users Guide:

- Reference Manual:

- Presentation Pattern Catalog:

I hope you like it.


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