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[ANN] Ruby-FLTK 0.9.1

Jeremy Henty
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Ruby-FLTK 0.9.1 , 2005-04-24

"I, for one, welcome our new Agile, Pragmatic, Refactoring Overlords"

What is this?:

Ruby-FLTK is a Ruby binding for the FLTK (Fast, Light Toolkit) GUI

Release notes:

- Ruby-FLTK builds under Ruby 1.8.2 !
- Also, Ruby-FLTK can beep at you!

This release marks a change of hands. There had been no activity on
this project for some time, and at the request of the previous
development team I (Jeremy Henty) volunteered to take over. My
contribution to this release was merely to review the latest code in
CVS and update the change log. I hope to make more substantial
contributions to future releases!

This is a source-only release. I am considering what to do about
binary releases. Suggestions are welcome!


0.9.0 -> 0.9.1
* Added constants for Browser_::has_scrollbar().
* extconf.rb: fixed to build correctly under Ruby 1.8.x .
* Added FLTK.beep and the FLTK::BEEP_* constants.
* Added FLTK::TextDisplay#text{font,color,size} .
* Added extconf.rb tests for fl_{inactive,constrast} and
#ifdef-wrapped FLTK.{inactive,constrast} accordingly.


Jeremy Henty Removed)

Let me think about either subtracting magic, or adding more magic.
-- Yukihiro Matzumoto
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