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"ruby script.rb" versus "xterm -e ruby script.rb"

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Ok, so I decided to hack around with a project I might feasably get to
work. Strangely enough, it actually works. Except for reasons
unknown, I'm forced to include a kludge so that it works
_consistantly_. I'm curious to learn about this inconsistancy, and
because I simply have no clue, I'd like to ask for some opinions.

Overview: Accept input and then launch that process.

# ------ begin script
command_line = gets.chomp
command_line = "nohup " + command_line.to_s + "&exit"

# we can still continue to do other stuff.
# ------ end script
script home:

Except that thanks to my preferred method of calling it, it only
inconsistantly works.

* Method 1 (always works):

ruby script.rb

This launches the script, and when I type in "xterm", xterm gets
launched and then script.rb exits.

* Method 2 (rarely works)

xterm -e ruby script.rb

This launches an xterm window which launches the script, and when I
type in "xterm", xterm only *sometimes* launches.

* Note: freely replace "xterm" with "rxvt".. both seem to act the same

* The Kludge

Append this:

pause = gets

and the launcher always works as expected, with both methods of
running the script.

Or append this:

10000.times do
puts "do something stupid to delay exiting"

and (for me), the launcher always works as expected. However, when I
lowered this to 1,000 it was still inconsistant.

Yes, I didn't know how to make ruby pause / think in a more
"efficiant" non-horribly-kludged way. But my intutition told me that
xterm -e had xterm exit so fast that the script it was supposed to
execute.. wasn't.


So.. I am guessing that during a failure in "xterm -e ruby script.rb"
one of these must be true:

* xterm is not launching ruby script.rb
* ruby is not running script.rb
* script.rb is not launching my command (via "system")
* "nohup" within script.rb is not launching my command
* my command is having problems with being executed in this manner.


What have I missed?

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