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[ANN] FastCST 3.0 (Now w/ meta-data, get, and put)

Zed A. Shaw
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Hi All,

Just a quick announcement to say that I've put up another release of
FastCST for interested folks to play with:

Fast Change Set Tool (FastCST, pronounced "fascist") is an experimental
changeset tool I'm writing in Ruby. It uses suffix arrays to create
deltas and supports meta-data and simple distribution of changesets.

This 0.3 version supports:

* Full YAML based meta-data for the changesets. Check out for an example.
* A "get" command that will get a changeset based on a meta-data file
and apply to a directory.
- There's an example which let's you move a Ruby 1.8.2 source tree
to the nightly snapshot.
* A "put" command which will log into an FTP site and put a changeset
* Files are MD5 digested before applied to help detect alteration (don't
trust it yet though since someone can just change the meta-data).

The get and put commands deal only with the meta-data file, so they
aren't too cumbersome.

Please play with it if you have time and let me know what you think.

Zed A. Shaw

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George Moschovitis
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perhaps you should consider changing the name, it 'sounds' badly.


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