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[ANN] Kwartz-ruby 2.0.0-beta3 - a template system for Ruby, PHP, and Java

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I have released Kwartz-ruby 2.0.0-beta3.

* What's that?

Kwartz is a template system which is available with multi
programming language (PHP, Ruby and Java).
It is the first template system that realized the concept of
'Separation of Presentation Logic and Presentaion data' (SoPL/PD).
And Kwartz-ruby is an implementation of Kwartz in Ruby.
(There is a plan to develop implementations in PHP and Java.)

It is available to separate the presentation layer from the
main program with any template system. In addition, Kwartz
enables you to separate the presentation logics (iteration and
conditional branching) from the presentation data (HTML file).

* Features:

- Separates presentation logic from presentation data.
- Runs very fast
- Supports multiple programing languages (PHP/Ruby/Java)
- Doesn't break HTML design at all
- Handles any text file
- Supports Auto-Sanitizing and Partial-Sanitizing

* Changes from beta2

- [change] 'kd' attribute is renamed to 'kw:d'.
'kw:d' attribute name is more suitable for XHTML than 'kd'.
If you don't like this, change it by constant DATTR in
configuration file.
- [enhance] Auto-renaming of local variables support.
This feature avoids confliction of variable names in main
program and templates.
- [enhance] New directive 'include' support.
This directive includes other presentation data file in the
presentation data file.
- [change] bin/kwartz is renamed to bin/kwartz-ruby,
and new script bin/kwartz invokes bin/kwartz-ruby.
This change is for other implementation of Kwartz
(kwartz-php and kwartz-java).

* Resources:

- Web Page:

- Download:

- Users Guide:

- Reference Manual:

- Presentation Pattern Catalog:

I hope you like it.


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