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RubyGems Load Error Problem -- Any Ideas?

Anthony Baker (ThinkBigIdeas)
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Hey Folks,

Am new to Ruby and Rails and am currently (finally) getting started
following a long install process on OS X 10.3.5.

All I've done so far is to create an empty controller called MyTest
using the following command:

ruby script/generate controller MyTest

Which generated the file my_test_controller.rb in the app/controllers

This is following the "Rolling with Ruby on Rails" article from Curt
Hibbs at O'Reilly. What I get is the following error and I can't seem
to figure out why this is occurring.

Processing Base#index (for at Tue Feb 08 18:50:02 PST 2005)
Parameters: {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"MyTest"}

LoadError (No such file to load -- mytest_controller.rb):

action_controller/support/dependencies.rb:38:in `load'

action_controller/support/dependencies.rb:38:in `require_or_load'

action_controller/support/dependencies.rb:46:in `require_or_load'

action_controller/support/dependencies.rb:46:in `require_or_load'


action_controller/templates/rescues/layout.rhtml (500 Internal Error)

If anyone has any pointers or solutions, I'd much appreciate it.



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I know that if I did the url:


Things would blow up, but with the url:


everything was fine. I don't fully understand the logic of how
everything works but it appears to be case sensitive.

MyTest will map to my_test_controller.rb and mytest will map to

Hope that helps. I'm just learning ruby and rails right now myself...

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Andre Nathan
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Hi Anthony

Anthony Baker said:
> ruby script/generate controller MyTest
> Which generated the file my_test_controller.rb in the app/controllers
> directory.


> LoadError (No such file to load -- mytest_controller.rb):

I believe the problem is related to your controller name. Rails
creates the controller file using the controller name +
"_controller.rb" as its name. On file creation, it's adding an extra
underscore due to the lowercase-to-uppercase shift in MyTest, but it
doesn't do the same when trying to load the file -- it's trying to
find mytest_controller.rb.

This looks like a bug, although I'm not sure if CamelCase controller
names are supported (I'm guessing they should be). If you do it with a
controller named "Test" it'll probably work.


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Nixing CamelCase works.

Hmm... the MyTest example was one used in the OnLamp article and --
there at least -- it seemed to work. They did their work on Windows,

Anyone know how to get CamelCase working on Rails? It would be a
nice-to-have, though I'm sure including it in URLs might cause grief to
some users who try to type things in by hand...

Thanks, Andre!


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