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SWIG: ruby proc->c function pointer

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Sorry for the slightly off-topic question. I am starting to use swig
to wrap some C++ library for ruby for the first time.
In the process of doing so, I realize I will need to pass proc objects
from ruby and turn them into function pointers in C, so as to provide a
callback mechanism.
I understand this can potentially be done with typemaps, but I am not
sure exactly how. I only need to have a single callback per class, so
I was thinking of storing the ruby callback within the class itself and
then have a common C wrap function that would map the C callback to the
appropiate ruby callbacks (ie. proc object) based on what was stored in
the class. I was also unsure if SWIG already provides some auxiliary
functions for doing something similar.
Does anyone have any pointers?
I'm already familiar with how ruby-fltk handles this, for example, and
I want to basically emulate something akin within the SWIG
meta-language. I'm looking at FXRuby but the code is a tad too complex
for a SWIG newbie.

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Kouhei Sutou
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I'm writing bindings to Subversion by SWIG. This has some
callback codes.

In <(E-Mail Removed) .com>
"SWIG: ruby proc->c function pointer" on Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:25:52 +0900,
"gga" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> In the process of doing so, I realize I will need to pass proc objects
> from ruby and turn them into function pointers in C, so as to provide a
> callback mechanism.

Here is an example:

--- callback.h
#ifndef CALLBACK_H
#define CALLBACK_H

typedef void (*callback_t) (void *user_data, const char *other_data);

void invoke(callback_t callback, void *user_data, const char *other_data);


--- callback.c
#include "callback.h"

invoke(callback_t callback, void *user_data, const char *other_data)
callback(user_data, other_data);

--- callback.i
%module callback

wrap_callback(void *user_data, const char *other_data)
VALUE proc = (VALUE)user_data;
rb_funcall(proc, rb_intern("call"), 1, rb_str_new2(other_data));

%typemap(in) (callback_t callback, void *user_data)
$1 = wrap_callback;
$2 = (void *)$input;

%include callback.h
#include "callback.h"

--- Makefile.swig
# -*- Makefile -*-

MODULE = callback

RUBY = ruby
SWIG = swig

SWIGOPT = -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include -ruby -feature $(FEATURE)

swigall: $(WRAPPER) Makefile


Makefile: extconf.rb
$(RUBY) extconf.rb
@if [ -f Makefile ] ; then\
echo "include Makefile.swig" >> Makefile;\

@if [ -f Makefile ] ; then\
make -f Makefile clean;\
rm -f Makefile $(WRAPPER)

--- extconf.rb
require 'mkmf'

--- to build
% make -f Makefile.swig
% make

--- sample usage
% irb -r callback
irb(main):001:0> Callback.invoke({|str| p str}, "abc")
=> nil


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I finally got around to trying this. Thanks.
Unfortunately, the latest SWIG (v1.3.22) seems to choke on it, with:

irb(main):005:0> Callback.invoke({|str| p str}, "abc")
TypeError: cannot convert nil into String
from (irb):5:in `invoke'
from (irb):5

Looking at the code, SWIG fails in the StringValuePtr() conversion

/* Get type mangle from class name */
SWIG_Ruby_MangleStr(VALUE obj)
VALUE stype = rb_iv_get(obj, "__swigtype__");
return StringValuePtr(stype);

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