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Kernel.y and yes,yes,yes not least surprise

Jamie Herre
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Sometimes using emacs makes me think of Molly Bloom (never a good idea
at work) and then I just answer yes even before the question is asked.
Today this resulted in a confusing bug.

h.each{ |k,v|y

did not produce an error but rather caused my script to output a bunch
of "---"'s.

I propose that Kernel.y should demand at least one argument

def y(o,*x)
puts( if x.empty?
YAML::dump( o )
YAML::dump_stream( o, *x )

_why what do you think?

maybe the convention that all one letter methods demand arguments might
even be considered for inclusion in the ruby style guide.

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why the lucky stiff
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Jamie Herre ((E-Mail Removed)) wrote:
> I propose that Kernel.y should demand at least one argument

Yeah, whoa, I just committed. Thanky.


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