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[ANN] Ruby Facets, v0.6.0
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Ruby Facets, v0.6.0

Fantastic Atomic Core Extensions

ABSTRACT: Ruby Facets is a cornicopia of core extensions for the Ruby
programming language. It is unique by virtue of the atomicity of its
design. Methods are stored in their own files, allowing for extremely
granular control of requirements. Ruby Facets is a subproject of Ruby

For More Information


(from ANN)

Happy Winter Solstice,

I am pleased to finally announce the first public release of Ruby
Facets. Ruby Facets was born, as I imagine many such projects are, over
a period of years, as a growing collection of routines for which I
commonly found need. Recently the library had grown large enough that I
thought it might stand on its own. So a few weeks ago, I decided I'd go
ahead and prepare a release. There was a good bit of work to do
--organizing, documenting, testing; and I had the "bright" idea of
scouring the web for other tidbits that I might add. That turned into a
whole project in itself! But I persevered and now Facets is finally
polished enough for an initial offering.

Of course, there are still plenty of things left to do: write better
documentation, improve the tests and write a few yet missing, improve
the methods themselves, perhaps even a few improvements in method and
file names, plus error catching code --I'm sure there are a number of
places for that improvement, and of course there's plenty of room for
adding new goodies, too. In fact I hope the Ruby community at large will
take this opportunity to contribute any extension methods used
personally but deemed generally useful. As the project manager I am
quite open to the many possibilities. Please contribute!

Being the very first release, I expect there may arise some unforeseen
bugs. If you come across any please let me know, as soon as possible, so
I can fix. You can contact me either privately or via ruby-talk, or
through the new calibre-cuts mailing-list:

My hope for Ruby Facets, and the other children of its parent project,
Ruby Calibre, is that Ruby will gain a vast and widely used set of
useful classes and routines in a nice all-in-one package --Ruby's
Tertiary library after Core and Standard, if you will.

Thanks and Happy Holidays, T.

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