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Lyndon Samson
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I'm working on a little app I call RAF ( Radar and Folio ), mostly as
a ruby upskilling exercise, but maybe of use when its finished.

It uses Fx and its purpose is to aggregate, filter and summarise all
sorts of information, sort of a dashboard.

Currently I've 2 notifications
1. Email, checks for email received from 'special' people, returns a
count of mundane vs special emails.
2. Worklog updates, checks your worklog text file is updated every hour.

I've also though of rss filter on particular words.

I'm interested in peoples ideas for others.

Into RFID? Simple, fast, news.

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Matt Mower
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On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 19:01:26 +0900, Lyndon Samson
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I'm interested in peoples ideas for others.

How about scoring and filtering posts from multiple RSS feeds?

Matt Mower ::

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gabriele renzi
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Christian Neukirchen ha scritto:

> I'd certainly like a command-line tool to add a notification. One could do
> things like
> cd largeproject; make && raf-notify "Build done"
> then. This gets especially useful if possible over the network...

I have the feeling this is some kind of drb/Rinda redone, maybe it can
be of inspiration.
Anyway if arf-notify is given please provide a raf-select tool too,
something like
raf-select number=5 topic=build
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