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process fire and forget?

Michael Ulm
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Is there a ruby way of firing up a process and then
forget about it?

I have a program that processes some data, and sometimes
forks off a process that creates a file from part of the
data. I want then to automatically open a text editor on
that file. Rubys involvement with the file stops there.
However, making just a system call to start the editor
lets the thread hang around until the user closes the
editor. This seems a bit of a waste of resources.

I need a platform independent solution btw, since this
should run (at least) on three different hardware/OS



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Yukihiro Matsumoto
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In message "Re: process fire and forget?"
on Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:14:30 +0900, Michael Ulm <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

|Is there a ruby way of firing up a process and then
|forget about it?

--------------------------------------------------------- Process#detach
Process.detach(pid) => thread
Some operating systems retain the status of terminated child
processes until the parent collects that status (normally using
some variant of +wait()+. If the parent never collects this status,
the child stays around as a _zombie_ process. +Process::detach+
prevents this by setting up a separate Ruby thread whose sole job
is to reap the status of the process _pid_ when it terminates. Use
+detach+ only when you do not intent to explicitly wait for the
child to terminate. +detach+ only checks the status periodically
(currently once each second).

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