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Re: Earthlink and Mozilla newsgroups

Jack Zeller
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murple wrote:

> Recently I've been having problems with Mozilla and newsgroups.
> I keep having to re-enter my name and password. I can be browing
> newsgroups and in the middle of downloading a message and all of
> a sudden the name and password boxes appear. I can have downloaded
> message headers and viewed the text of 38 messages and out of
> nowhere it decides I need to re-enter my password info.
> I'm suspicious that Earthlink changed something in their configurations.
> Recently they changed my news server from to
> but even before that I was having this
> problem with the name and password windows appearing in the
> middle of my browsing.
> I've tried updating from Mozilla 1.0.2 to Mozilla 1.4, but that
> doesn't seem to have solved the problem. It's an ongoing problem.
> I've had it for weeks now. But I didn't have it back when I used
> Mozilla 1.0.1 and when I first updated to Mozilla 1.0.2 I didn't
> have it then. I think Earthlink is to blame, though they won't
> admit it.
> Has anyone else had this problem and, more important, is there
> a way to solve it. It's sort of a nuisance to have to enter my
> password info 3 separate times while I'm browsing newsgroups.

Same problem on this end with Mozilla 1.5, occasionally.

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> Same problem on this end with Mozilla 1.5, occasionally.

Darn, I was hoping this might be solved in that release. I guess we can
always hope for a fix in 1.6!

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