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Participate in short survey on Ruby defects!

Robert Feldt
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A student is doing a small project on a tool for detecting coding
defects/errors/bugs in Ruby code. For summing up her project and
pointing to possible future work she wants to get a feeling for the kind
of defects people do/find/have when developing in Ruby compared to more
traditional, statically typed languages. This is not a rigorous/broad
study but she would like for you to take a few minutes and ponder the
questions below. I'm forwarding her questions to the list. If you are
willing to answer please reply directly to her by emailing to: Removed)

Thanks in advance,

Robert Feldt

Short survey on Ruby defects

Please send your answers to (E-Mail Removed)

Note that the response time for this survey *ENDS* at 23:59 GMT on the
18th of May 2004. Please respect this deadline and do not send answers
after that time.

Your answers will be handled confidentially.

A summary of the answers to this survey will be made available as part
of a report from my project. In case of a large amount of answers we may
not have the time to include all answers in the summary.

Thank you for your effort!

With defect below we mean any problem/error/bug that negatively affects
your productivity by forcing you to spend time on making already written
code work as you expected instead of creating new functionality or
adding more features.

1. How long experience do you have with the following programming
languages (just give a rough estimate of the number of months or years
you have actively used them, 0 if you have never used them)?

a, C
b, C++
c, C#
d, Java
e, Python
f, Ruby
g, Lisp
h, Smalltalk
i, Haskell
j, ML/SML/OCaml

2. When developing programs/scripts with Ruby what are your most common
types of defects?
a, Your most common defect?
b, Your 2nd most common defect?
c, Your 3rd most common defect?

3. Does the defects you find in your Ruby code differ from defects you
find when programming in more "traditional"/mainstream languages such as
Java, C#, C++ or C? If so in what way?

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