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Dynamic datagrid and Datatable

Tim Seaburn
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I have a task that requires that I create and modify datatables and
datagrids dynamically. I first created four static columns in a datagrid
(all permutations have these same four columns). I then created a datatable
with the four columns having the same name expecting them to bind into the
four grid columns. It didn't work but if I had no columns defined in the
gird it worked.

The problem is that, with this approach, I can't figure out how to apply
edit masks as I would with...
Dim mycol As New BoundColumn
mycol.DataFormatString = "{0:C}"

Questions are:
Why doesn't the grid.databind() work when four columns already exist with
the same name as the dataset?
How can we apply editing when the columns in the gird got created by the
databind instead of an explicit dim mycol as new BoundColumn?

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