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[ANN] AEditor 0.12 released

Simon Strandgaard
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bug reports

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What is Aeditor ?

AEditor is a programmers editor for unix. It relies on Ncurses.
Its capable of: Folding, blocking, Macros, Undo/Redo...etc.
There is a huge testsuite (415 tests), so it should be stable.
However it lacks some things and consumes lots of memory.
Its written entirely in Ruby, so the code should be very easy
to grasp and extend, kind of Emacs with Ruby.

Future plans

AEditor is a rival to scintilla. It is meant to be
embedded into other applications, eg: FreeRIDE.
AEditor aims at becoming the best tool for pair-programming.

I have done some experiments making GUI frontends for
foxtoolkit and qt. These are written in C++ and embeds the Ruby
interpreter inside. This isn't my primary focus, if anyone wants
to help then please do.

Because its written entirely in Ruby, there should be no
problems in making it fully scriptable in Ruby too.
Imagine writing editor-macros in Ruby

My primary focus is to finish the regexp engine, so that
AEditor can get some nice syntax coloring. I want to use
perl6 regexp syntax everywhere in this project.

Report Bugs

Help others, tell me whats wrong.

File a bug report (requires rubyforge account)

or mail me directly
Simon Strandgaard <(E-Mail Removed)>

Feature Requests

There is room for improvement.

File a feature report (requires rubyforge account)

or mail me directly
Simon Strandgaard <(E-Mail Removed)>

Changes since 0.11
01-april-2004 Neoneye
* version 0.12 is released.
* updated README, INSTALL.
* changed licence from BSD to Ruby's.
* Converted tests from RUnit to Test::Unit.
* Made some warnings go away because I used deprecated

16-september-2003 Neoneye
* INSTALL was refering to 'ncurses-ruby' using
the confusing 'ncurses' name. People will think
it is Ncurses that I am refering to.. Which it
is NOT. Also guide to how to uninstall AEditor
has been added. [Johan Gade's suggestion]

27-august-2003 Neoneye
* moved 'backend/cmdline.rb' to 'ncurses/cmdline.rb'.
* the last week I have been playing with DocBook
and 'catalog.xml'. I have started both a user-
and a developer-manual project.

18-august-2003 Neoneye
* change directory hierarchy, so that frontend is
seperated from backend.
* merged 'markers1' branch. Could not initiate the
work with markers, because of the limited
keybinding system. Thus the last week I have spend
parsing wierd escape sequences from the keyboard,
now I just have to integrate it into AEditor.
When integration is completed, I will hopefully
be able to Insert, Remove, Goto markers.

12-august-2003 Neoneye
* version 0.11 is released.

end of announcement
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