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[META] Gateway not working? [was: UnboundMethod#hash apparently broken in 1.8.1]

Nathaniel Talbott
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(As David pointed out to me [in a META-META message] this came through
blank the first time. That happens when I sign my emails to ruby-talk
for some reason. Anyhow, here it is again...)

On Feb 28, 2004, at 13:22, David A. Black wrote:

> [msg that apparently never made it when posted to c.l.r.]

I saw this message come through the mailing list... I've heard you
mention (on IRC?) that the gateway isn't working, yet I don't think
I've had any trouble. Could it be you have an overzealous spam-filter
or something?

If this is a problem I'd like to get it fixed. I'm just trying to
verify the problem before we pester anyone about it. Can you give
examples of messages that have showed up on c.l.r (and are now in
Google Groups) that haven't shown up on ruby-talk (and thus aren't in
the archive)?


Terralien, Inc.


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