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[ANN] Raggle 0.3.0

Paul Duncan
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Last night we released version 0.3.0 of Raggle. Raggle is a console RSS
aggregator, written in Ruby. Features include customizable keybindings,
basic HTML rendering, HTTP proxy support, OPML import/export, themes,
support for various versions of RSS, Screen support. browser auto-
detection, and more. This release of Raggle also includes a preliminary
template-based web interface (via WEBrick) and Win32 support.

Changes since 0.2.x:
* preliminary web interface (via WEBrick)
* 'a' to add add feeds inside Raggle
* -A, --ascii : non-ANSI window borders
* HTTP 1.0 Basic authentication (ie http://user(E-Mail Removed)/index.rss)
* better HTTP 304 response handling
* better conditional HTTP GET (Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since headers)
* Win32 support (web interface only at the moment)
* ignore "a " and "the " prefix when sorting feeds
* manual update works in non-manual mode now (to force update). same as
passing SIGALRM to Raggle
* SIGHUP invalidates all feeds and starts feed grabbing thread
* categories (web interface only)
* view source (bound to '\')
* added --max-items (max # of items/feed)
* added 0, $ keybindings (beginning and end of list)
* get Win32 proxy from registry
* config.rb overrides settings in default config on a per-key basis,
rather than replacing them
* fixed SSL support
* --edit accepts -1 for batch operations
* preliminary DRb interface
* updated mono theme (for terminals with bold, w/o color)
* screwy feeds don't (shouldn't?) kill feed grabbing any more
* parallel feed grabbing
* faster rendering (less refreshes, cache reflow)
* --add can take a url (ie raggle -a 'url')
* whole slew of bug-fixes

(a complete list of changes is available at the URL below)

Web Site:
RSS Feed:

Comments, feature requests, and questions are always welcome, and should
be directed at the Raggle mailing list ((E-Mail Removed)).

Paul Duncan <(E-Mail Removed)> pabs in #ruby-lang (OPN IRC) OpenPGP Key ID: 0x82C29562

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