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Request for XML Project Info
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I'm working on a presentation for the upcoming Ruby Conference (you
*are* going, aren't you?) on the state of XML processing with Ruby.

I'd like this to be as complete as reasonably possible, covering all
Ruby apps, libs, projects, etc. that work with XML in some manner.

I've assembled a sizable list of such things from assorted sources (RAA,
Google, Freshmeat, RubyForge), but may have missed some.

I'm also fairly sure that some of these projects have fallen into limbo,
though their respective project pages may not say so.

So, if you're involved in a Ruby/XML project, please let me know. (I
probably already have it in my list, but a few dozen extra E-mails is
fine if it means I catch missing projects.) This is particularly
helpful if your code would not come up in, say, an RAA search on "XML"
but has some perhaps secondary involvement with XML.

If you've been involved with a project that is now dead or dying, but
you suspect it lingers on, outdated, in the RAA or wherever, please let
me know that, too, so I can confirm what I have in my list.

Thanks, and see y'all in Austin!

James Britt

james AT ruby-xml DOT com

Note that auto-replying to this will send the message to ruby-talk, not
to me personally. Please be sure that the E-mail is addressed to me,
unless you feel the list would benefit from the information. Thanks!

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Posts: n/a
      10-22-2003 Removed) wrote:
> James Britt
> james AT ruby-xml DOT com


It's james AT rubyxml DOT com. No dash.

The header of the message has it right. (And my thanks to those who've
already sent responses.


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