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Main page for RDoc

Brian Candler
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OK, I'm probably being stupid here, but I'd appreciate being put right.

I've just started playing with rdoc, and have installed rdoc-0.9.0 under

Running rdoc on itself:
$ cd rdoc-0.9.0
$ rdoc

gives me 'tokenstream.rb' as the first page displayed when I view
index.html. Doing "rdoc --main rdoc/rdoc.rb" gives me that page instead. But
how do I get the README file as the front page?

If I try "rdoc --main README" then I get:
Generating HTML...
Could not find main page README
Could not find main page README
Could not find main page README
Could not find main page README

In fact, README does not appear under the 'Files' list in the generated HTML
at all.

And yet, rdoc's own documentation at
manages to make the README the front page.

So what am I doing wrong..? It would certainly be useful if rdoc's
documentation included the command to run to generate rdoc's docs



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