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asking for your co-operation

attorrney attorney
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Dear friend,
I am a renowned /reputed practicing lawyer and you can attest that even if
I am not or may not be a millionaire in the present circumstance,that I am
neither a pauper nor in want.That I am proposing this
transaction with all sincerity of purpose is a way of improving our various
lives.I am not a Nigerian and this proposal has no liking as such.I
therefore politely but seriously request that you do not treat this as one
of these junks you may have read/heard about.Rather,give me a chance to
prove my geniuness/intention before throwing this into the dustbin. I am
the principal partner of a law firm/chamber with some junior lawyers and we
render services to both coperate organisations and
individuals.Sametime,we are registered with the government for
retainership.That I am sending you this mail today in a private capacity
dose not make it
unofficial/unbusinesslike but I would like you in our best interest to
treat with absolute privacy and urgency it deserves.I must mention to you
that I have not disclosed this idea to anyone else and I did not get your
name from any one .I only browsed the internet and got your address and I
wasted no time to contact you after I had felt satisfied within
me that you could be of help.
Some years back(precisely 1995),one MR.ASGEIR ARMGRIMMSON who introduced
himself as the President/CEO of NORFISH LTD,ICELAND situate at(as at
then)620 Dalvik and resident at Brekkusidu 18,603 Akureyri (all in
Iceland).He engaged/retained my services as his lawyer/consultant to help
him process documents and pursue the release of a debt of USD18.7M being
proceeds of a contract he executed.He told me then that he was in a legal
suit with the wife and would not want anybody know of the fund until
the case was over hence he deposited the money here.When I never heard
from him some years after he travelled back,I called his office and was
told the man is DEAD. Since this sum is still intact here and I am privy to
details except that I am not a signatory(which is the reason I need you),I
solicit your partnership so we jointly pursue and finance
the release/collection of this money.
All it requires is a fresh documentation in new name now as the
next-of-kin to the deceased and beneficiary to the sum(which is now you)
your account details be normalized. For your information, proceeds from
the transaction when we collect will be shared at equall
percentage(50/50)between us.
If you are ready to partner with me,kindly copy your reply to my alternate
email account thus: Removed)


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