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ruby-1.8.0.p3 segfault

George Moschovitis
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Hi there,

I am evaluting the latest preview, and i get the following errro:

.../navel/web/srv/request.rb:339: [BUG] obj_free() called for broken object
ruby 1.8.0 (2003-06-23) [i686-linux]

here is the relevant code:

def read_line(io, sep=LF, to = $srv_request_timeout)
timeout(to) do
# drak: trying to resolve a segfault, will return nil if io.nil?
# return (io.nil? ? nil : io.gets(sep))
if io
return io.gets(sep)
return ""
rescue TimeoutError
raise HttpRequestTimeout
rescue Exception, StandardError => e
$log.debug e
# gmosx: if the nil is not returned it returns File (from the log),
# and may produce an error.
return nil
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