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Photo "clutter" becoming a problem?

Ryan McGinnis
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On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, MC wrote:

> RichA wrote:
>> Are free, cheap photosites like Flickr and Facebook becoming dumping
>> grounds for mediocrity en masse? They mention it briefly in this
>> article.

> That is why serious photographers should avoid these sites where their
> own images are concerned. No decent photographer worth his salt should
> even consider using them.

This is a bit silly to say. Some very high-end photographers regularly
use Flickr. There are plenty of average amateur photographers on
Flickr, but there are also a plethora of extremely talented amateur and
professional photographers who regularly use Flickr. Also, Flickr is a
relatively easy front door into Getty (compared with trying to get into
their house collections or trying to guess which agency they are going to
buy next).

>> I can't believe someone would take hundreds of photos and
>> dump them online without reviewing them and paring them down to the
>> better ones.

> But that is the point. They are just that, "dumping grounds". Unless
> the sites charge per MB or per image they will always be used as such.

Flickr can be whatever you want it to be. As for myself, I tend to use it
as a service for displaying my work (at web resolution), as a service for
marketing my work
(through Getty), and as a place where I can store an unlimited amount of
photos in the cloud (privately) for both backup purposes and for having
easy access to the full resolution photos when I am traveling and get
inquiries from clients and don't have my photo library with me.

-Ryan McGinnis
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Ryan McGinnis
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On Fri, 13 Jan 2012, MC wrote:

> Chris Malcolm wrote:

> Again, any pro photographer worth their salt would not be seen dead
> using flickr type sites to showcase their own photogaphic work. This
> is the point I am making.

However, it is a completely wrong point that can be rather easily refuted
by linking to any of the many extremely talented professional
photographers who post their images to Flickr. While you are of course
allowed to make your own value judgements about whether a photographer is
"good" or not, there is no shortage of professional photographers with
lots of published work who post their images to Flickr. Your comment
smacks of cursorily masked judgement along the lines of "no
serious car
driver would drive a Honda" or "no serious handyman would use a DeWalt".

-Ryan McGinnis
The BIG Storm Picture: PGP Key 0x65115E4C
Follow my storm chasing adventures at
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