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Recording audio from DVD ?

- Bobb -
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"- Bobb -" <bobb@noemail.123> wrote in message
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> "kelly" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> On Jan 5, 3:04 am, "- Bobb -" <b...@noemail.123> wrote:
>> I have a concert on DVD
>> I'd like to have the audio on my PC as mp3
>> What's the easiest way to do this ?
>> My programs easily record from Cd's but they "won't allow" recording from
>> DVD. I don't care about saving the video, just the audio.

> My bad, Bob. Aiseesoft DVD Ripper. I tested
> Aiseesoft DVD Ripper extracting the full sound track (size:164,515KB)
> from a random movie (The Pranksters) in around three/five minutes. I
> chose .mp3 and it's as good as it gets. Hope this helps, Bob.
> ====================
> That program DOES work.
> Next time I'll use it. Thanks

I forgot to mention :
It will extract up to 5 minutes for free each time you run it, so for others
( or for me if I want the entire movie) it costs $20 for a full license. But
you can download it and you can get 5 min of audio at a time. Note - if you
go into program and choose TRIM and then start-stop times, it only gives
HALF of the time under 5 minutes. Weird but states so in the program. So IF
you specified 3 minutes , you get 90 seconds. So leave it at 5 minutes, then
cut 2 minutes from the new file.

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I bought a male (3.5 mm?) stereo plug on the end of a dual cable wye with
male RCA plugs.
I insert the RCA plugs into my speaker-out outputs, and the male 3.5mm
Stereo plug into my MIDI imput jack.
Then using Audacity I can monitor the MIDI port and play the audio off a DVD
or CD into it and monitor and record from there. A few tests checking the
VU meter for volume and one is set. Personally I don't like the quality of
mp3 so I seldom use it. But any audio I do save as .cda. wma, ect can be
ripped to mp3 later.
.. . . chas

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