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Itunes - library source

- Bobb -
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I tried to find an iTunes newsgroup but found none, so if anyone here can
give me a pointer / URL on how to have LIBRARY SHOW the contents of my
current music folder without duplicating the music in an Apple/iTunes/...
I don't see IMPORT as an option in iTunes, and when I read about sync'ing
from iPod to Library it's only TO iPod, so step 1 erases iPod.

I have a lot of mp3's in D:\My Music and I normally use Musicmatch for
interacting/recording ( I know - it's old, but I like it), and have an issue
with using ITunes for my IPod nano. I have about 1000 songs on nano that I
put there long ago by just copying from my folder to nano folder directly
On D;\ drive, in Musicmatch I have all files saved as
Artist - songname.mp3
The Library in iTunes is empty.
I already have all the Music in mp3 format - how to sync iPod with d:\My
AND have it update library WITHOUT actually copy/creating file structures in
Apple folder.

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