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Erik Vastmasd
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I caught a glimpse of Donchano <(E-Mail Removed)> on Thu, 22
Dec 2011 09:59:42 +1300, writing in nz.comp:

>On Wed, 21 Dec 2011 16:37:13 +1100, Erik Vastmasd
><(E-Mail Removed)> shouted from the highest rooftop:
>>I'm currently alternating between Google Chrome & Opera 11.60.
>>I'm starting to prefer Chrome for browsing and reading newsletters
>>despite Chrome lacking many of the features that Opera provides.

>There are several major issues I have with Chrome and have led me to
>use it only occasionally:
>1. It updates itself automatically without asking you first. IOW you
>have no choice.
>2. There is no keyboard shortcut or icon that allows you to clear the
>cache. Instead, you have to go through several steps to accomplish
>3. Chrome doesn't offer the same add-ons and other features of FF.
>4. Chrome doesn't even allow you add a Google toolbar - yet it doesn't
>offer the features that makes Google Toolbar so popular (yes ... I
>know Google has ceased development of their toolbar, but I still use
>it on FF and hope someone else will take up where Google left off.)
>5. Google ceased development on Google Toolbar for other browsers to
>force people to switch to Chrome.

I agree that the above are issues with using Chrome.

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