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How to create a DLL in C ?

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I've been looking all over the internet and haven't found even one single guide on how to make a DLL in C language, properly.
All there is is C# and C++. Alas..

Anyway, I'm building a simulator which will have 7-Seg displays, switchs, leds and etc. The simulator is written in VB and is already ready, didn't take much time. Now all I have to do is create a DLL which will be responsible for "linking" the simulator and the program(in C) a user will write.
For example, if the user has written that he wants the number '4' to appear on the 7-Seg , then the number '4' will appear on the 7-seg display in the simulator.
I think I'll probably need the DLL to have 4 or 5 functions. Set/Get for receiving/sending data from the simulator,In/Out for doing the same ,only with the program written by the user , and probably a DB(database) function that will have a static array, it will receive , for example, the numbers of the leds the user wants to light and this array will be sent to the Get or Set function that will do that.

Now, I've tried creating a DLL based on some C++ tutorials but all my attempts failed. There was one time I thought I made it, but then when I tried to use it in VB I got an error.

I then tried running Regsvr32 , and that's what I got :
A help will be much appreciated.

I just need to know the "template", what you write,if you need .h file or only .c , and etc..

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