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What is the second parameter int for in a function declaration with enum

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When I search enum usage, I find the following example below. I find
that the definition:

inline Card::Suit operator++( Card::Suit &rs, int )

is interesting to me. What is the second parameter int for? Could you
tell me? Thanks.

// enumeration_declarations.cpp
class Card
enum Suit
// Declare two constructors: a default constructor,
// and a constructor that sets the cardinal and
// suit value of the new card.
Card( int CardInit, Suit SuitInit );

// Get and Set functions.
int GetCardinal(); // Get cardinal value of card.
int SetCardinal(); // Set cardinal value of card.
Suit GetSuit(); // Get suit of card.
void SetSuit(Suit new_suit); // Set suit of card.
char *NameOf(); // Get string representation of
Suit suit;
int cardinalValue;


// Define a postfix increment operator for Suit.
inline Card::Suit operator++( Card::Suit &rs, int )
return rs = (Card::Suit)(rs + 1);


int main()
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Pavel Volkovskiy
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It is postfix operator (e.g. i++, while prefix operator (e.g. ++i
has operator++() signature.
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