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Re: How to set up automatic GUI JUnit test?

Arved Sandstrom
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On 11-11-28 01:28 PM, www wrote:
> Hi:
> We have a JAVA GUI program. The program is already finished, but we
> want to set up one or two JUnit tests for it. Ideally, I hope this
> JUnit test can record my action: click Button A, click Button B, enter
> some words in a field, then click Button "Run". Then compare the files
> in output/ directory against the bench mark files.
> I am completely new to GUI JUnit test, even though I have used JUnit
> test for many years. I have googled and seen a few tools, but I am
> unclear if they can record my action like above after reading their
> user manuals. I am looking for free tools.
> Thank you very much.

One approach is to record a Selenium script, save it as Java "Selenese"
commands, and wrap those commands in a JUnit test method. JUnit setup
and teardown handle the establishment of the Selenium environment.

Something like this
( will
give you the gist of it.

In your test method, after the Selenese, you can do your filesystem checks.

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