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Snom 300

Andrew Gabriel
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In article <4ed37c9b$0$29367$(E-Mail Removed) >,
Bodincus <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> Check that the voltage output from the power supply is "clean".
> One of the capacitors that filters the ripple and levels the voltage
> might have gone pop, and the current is not DC, but some DC with a 50Hz
> AC on top.

Just had a power supply for a Sipura SPA-3000 die (bought in 2006).
It's a switched mode PSU. It measured 5V off load, but dropped to
about 2V on load. It has a pair of 680uF 10V 105C caps in parallel
across the output, and both had swelled up and had almost no capacity
left. Replaced with a single 1000uF 10V 105C I happened to have, and
it's working again now. Just need to find some way to reassemble the
case safely (I think it was ultrasonic welded before I popped it
apart, as there's no sign of any solvent glue).

I've got about 6 of these units, so I guess I need to stock up with
some replacement caps...

Andrew Gabriel
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