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<h2> Odd Behaviour?

Dr J R Stockton
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In comp.lang.javascript message <gqamc7phm92nv5ln9je0cpbgr8f2tddr8l@4ax.
com>, Mon, 21 Nov 2011 21:09:07, Gene Wirchenko <(E-Mail Removed)> posted:

> I do not know if my problem is HTML, JavaScript, my browser, my
>text, though I doubt it is me. But who knows?

Certainly part at least of the problem is you.

You have not heeded the FAQ.

You may have pasted, but you have not posted, executable code, clear of
egregious error.

You have not named your browser and OS, including versions.

FYI: If, instead of using '+' to concatenate a literal string, ' + ' is
used, the code is easier to read. Likewise ',' -> ', ', '=' -> ' = '.

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