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No fread and fwrite for wide characters?

Phil Carmody
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Ike Naar <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> On 2011-11-11, Phil Carmody <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > Lauri Alanko <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
> >> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>,
> >> James Kuyper <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >> > So, this is not at all the wide character equivalent of fwrite(), which
> >> > makes more sense, since narrow characters have nothing to do fwrite().
> >>
> >> They certainly do, since as you quoted, fwrite is just a utility for
> >> looping fputc()-calls.

> >
> > What are you gibbering about?
> >
> > size_t fwrite(const void * restrict ptr,
> > size_t size, size_t nmemb,
> > FILE * restrict stream);
> >
> > There is precisely *nothing* related to the characters one sends to fputc
> > in that function declaration. End of. Any attempts to counter my argument
> > are, like *ptr, void.

> 7.19.3 p12:
> The byte output functions write characters to the stream as if
> by successive calls to the fputc function.
> fwrite is one of the byte output functions (7.19.1 p5).

You're right, and I retract and apologise. In this case, I believe I've
probably misinterpreted something said way earlier in the thread which
the above would also contradict, and which when I saw going unchallenged
I took as true. Maybe I'm misingerpreting the *whole thread*, as that p12
seems to be the immediate answer to everything. Thanks for hunting it
out and so succinctly correcting my unacceptable error.


Unix is simple. It just takes a genius to understand its simplicity
-- Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011), Unix Co-Creator
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