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Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") on another serve

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trying to access files located on another server within the network. the
folder is shared out and we created a virtual directory as well.
The error is Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c' Path not found

Here is my code


dim fs,fo,x
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject ")
set fo=fs.GetFolder("\\hostname\procedures")

for each x in fo.files
'Print the name of all files in the test folder
Response.write(x.Name & "<br />")
set fo=nothing
set fs=nothing

....tried some MS solutions;en-us;Q197964


The previous was from a post on this page from May 2007.

Thank You in advance for any help you might provide

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"Jon Paal [MSMD]" wrote:

> this may help

I've tried the WshNetwork route...still cant' get a successful connection
but I'm getting other error messages which suggest to me that at least it can
see the map.

I've been trying different drive letters usernames, passwords etc to try and
get a successful hookup.

However, when I run the code now it knocks out my IIS (or so it
appears)......I have to go and reboot the webserver. Wondering whats causing
that. Heres the script

Set WshShell = server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set WshNetwork = server.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set CheckDrive = WshNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives()
AlreadyConnected = False
DriveLetter = "P:" 'DriveLetter must be a CAPITAL letter
RemotePath = "\\server\sharedfolder"
username = "domainname\username"
pass = "password"
choice = "false"
if CheckDrive.count > 0 then
For i = 0 To CheckDrive.Count - 1
If CheckDrive.Item(i) = DriveLetter Then AlreadyConnected = True

If AlreadyConnected = True then
WshNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive DriveLetter
WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath, choice, username, pass
WshShell.PopUp "Drive " & DriveLetter & "Disconnected, then connected

WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath, choice, username, pass
WshShell.PopUp "Drive " & DriveLetter & " connected successfully."

End if

WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath, choice, username, pass
***this is where is hangs***
WshShell.PopUp "Drive " & DriveLetter & " connected successfully."

end if

Thank You for your assistance

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