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Why won't my session stick? Please help me.

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I'm using ASP 3.0 however there is ASP.NET, because I'm working an old
site that is built in ASP 3.0.
I hope you for getting any help for my problem from you.

So, my site's sessions are empty before its timeout.
I have searched and checked for long time around this problem, but I
can't fix the problem yet.

The session timeout is 20 minutes in IIS 5.1 by default.
I didn't set the timeout as "session.timeout=10" in codes of VBScript

I did a training with session behaviors along following:
I created a new myTEST site for test and created one page for it and
created Global.asa file. The Session_onStart event in Global.asa has
"Session('mySession')='is session'" code. The page writes that
session. Session.timeout property of the site (myTEST) is 10 in IIS. I
opened the page and when I did refresh the page after 10 or 11
minutes, the session was empty. I tried it in 5 or 8 or 2 minutes, the
session was valid.
So I assume that the training is true for session.timeout.

My original web site of work has many pages that upload files. May
uploading relates the problem I think. But I am not sure.

Please help me!!! What is going on?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!

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