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Redirection problem with, IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET

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For testing reasons, I am hosting an ASP.NET 2.0 based website on my
local MS Windows Server 2003. Let's say, the application name would be
"foo", so I am publishing the site with VS2005 to my local address:


Locally, everything works fine (of couse . The application is
defined in IIS6.0, the SQL Server is up and running and so on.

For testing that web in better context, I set up a acount
for that server. Again, that would be:

When I do access my site via the address,
still everything works out fine. But for some cross-site issues and for
field tests I wanted to use a "real" domain name. So I set up a
redirection from to by means
of my ISP.

When I now do access the site using, it is perfectly
redirected to and I do see the requested page.
But - and this is the problem - all URIs generated by the ASP.NET
engine have the application name inserted after the hostname. In other
words, ASP.NET resolves the link ~/secure/login.aspx to instead of

Strangely enough, this does not seem to be true for all kind of links
generated by ASP.NET. Some are resolved ok, some are broken. In detail:

- Links stated with <asp:HyperLink> are resolved ok (without "/foo"
- URLs in <asp:Image> are resolved ok
- Sitemap controls are *not* ok ("/foo" inserted in link address,
~/default.aspx becomes instead of
- Method ResolveClientUrl() is *not* ok
- Redirections from web.config are *not* ok (redirect to

Actually, I really don't understand what I'm getting wrong. Especially
the inconsitant behaviour of the different ASP.NET controls really
leaves me irritated. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Michael W. Folz.

(Crossposted to microsoft.public.interserver.iis)

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