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Problems with IIS 6.0
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Hi there,

Could someone help me with, this error:

I am trying to deploy some applications to a web server with II 6.0,
which contains a SharePoint Portal and a ASP .NET application. So far
so good, my problems start when i have to migrate an old application in
ASP with COM objects in VB 6.0.

This old web application has worked fine in IIS 5.0 with Isolation
Mode, but when I put it in IIS 6.0 i'm getting this error:

"Application object error 'ASP 0197 : 80004005'

Disallowed object use.

...../Root/FSE/global.asa, line 55

Cannot add object with apartment model behavior to the application
intrinsic object"

This is te code of my global.asa


'You can add special event handlers in this file that will get run
automatically when
'special Active Server Pages events occur. To create these handlers,
just create a
'subroutine with a name from the list below that corresponds to the
event you want to
'use. For example, to create an event handler for Session_OnStart, you
would put the
'following code into this file (without the comments):

'Sub Session_OnStart
'**Put your code here **
'End Sub

'EventName Description

' Runs the first time a user runs any page in your application
Sub Session_OnStart

set Session("objUserInfo") = CreateObject("DRFPUser.CUserInfo")

endSessionPage = Application("strWebSiteRoot") & "fimsessao.asp"
startPage = Application("strWebSiteRoot") & "sslredir.asp"
currentPage = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")

' Do a case-insensitive compare, and if they
' don't match, send the user to the start page.
if strcomp(currentPage,startPage,1) then
if strcomp(currentPage,endSessionPage,1) then
end if
end if

End Sub

' Runs when a user's session times out or quits your application
Sub Session_OnEnd
' Liberta objecto com Info sobre o Utilizador Local
set Session("objUserInfo") = Nothing
End Sub

sub Application_OnStart 'Runs once when the first page of your
application is run for the first time by any user


' Guarda a root do WebSite
Application("strWebSiteRoot") = "/DRFPNet/"

' Guarda o DSN para a Base de Dados

Application("strBDLigacao") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security
Info=False;User ID=nb;Password=.;Initial Catalog=.;Data Source=Ra"

' Inicializa objecto Role Manager
set Application("objRoleManager") =
CreateObject("NBCOMUR.CURoleManager") ' THIS IS LINE 55

' Efectua o Load de todos os Roles
Application("objRoleManager").LoadAllURoles(Applic ation("strBDLigacao"))

' Guarda o Mail do Gestor
Application("strMailRecipient") = ""

' Guarda o Profile do Exchange
Application("strMailProfile") = ""

' Guarda o nº máximo de tentativas de login
Application("strNumMaxLogin") = 3

'--Variaveis de Dimensionamento das Paginas (Tabs) -----------

' Altura de cada Pagina
Application("intPaginaAltura") = 285

' Margem de Topo de cada Pagina
Application("intPaginaMargemTopo") = 10

' Margem Esquerda de cada Pagina
Application("intPaginaMargemEsquerda") = 20

' Altura do Rodape de cada Pagina
Application("intPaginaAlturaRodape") = 30

' Altura da Separacao entre elementos das Paginas
Application("intPaginaAlturaSeparador") = 5

' Largura cada pagina
Application("intPaginaLargura") = "100%"

'--Variaveis de Dimensionamento das Paginas (Tabs) -----------

'--Altura Ocupada por um Report
Application("intReportAltura") = Application("intPaginaAltura") +

'--Altura Ocupada por uma QList
Application("intPaginaQListAltura") = 250

'--Ano inicial
Application("intAnoInicial") = 1994

'--Ano final
Application("intAnoFinal") = 2006


end sub
'Application_OnEnd Runs once when the web server shuts down


Thanks in advance,
João Fialho

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