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ASP/OO4O Problem: Unexpect result from package

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I'm working on my first Oracle DB, so bear with me...

I have a couple of validation routines which are both returning the same
result regardless of the inputs. One checks if a Serial No already exists,
the other checks if a Part No is valid.

Currently there are no Serial Nos in the system, so this check shouldnt
fail. And I get a response to indicate that the Part No is valid regardless
of whether it is or not.

I strongly suspect that I'm made the same mistake in each case, but since
I'm not getting any errors, I can't see where.

In both cases, the PL/SQL procedures return a value of 1, whereas if I run
the PL/SQL in SQL Developer with suitable values inserted I get the expected


ASP Snippets:

Function SerialExists (sSerialNo, sPartNo)
Dim iResult, bResult

With oDB
.Parameters.Add "sSerialNo", sSerialNo, ORAPARM_INPUT
.Parameters ("sSerialNo").ServerType = ORATYPE_VARCHAR2

.Parameters.Add "sPartNo", sPartNo, ORAPARM_INPUT
.Parameters ("sPartNo").ServerType = ORATYPE_VARCHAR2

.Parameters.Add "iResult", 0, ORAPARM_OUTPUT
.Parameters ("iResult").ServerType = ORATYPE_NUMBER

iResult = oDB.ExecuteSQL("Begin VALIDATION_PKG.SerialExists(:sSerialNo,
:sPartNo, :iResult); end;")

If iResult > 0 then bResult = true Else bResult = false
response.Write bResult & "<BR>"

SerialExists = bResult

.Parameters.Remove "sSerialNo"
.Parameters.Remove "sPartNo"
.Parameters.Remove "iResult"

End With
End Function

'check that SerialNo/PartNo not used
If SerialExists(sSerialNo, sPartNo) then iError = iError + 2

'check for valid partnos
If Not IsValidPartNo(sPartNo) then iError = iError + 4


Package Specification:

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Posts: n/a
Ignore this - prematurely posted.

Will repost (fully) soon....


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