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301 redirect like .htaccess

Stuart Palmer
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to look for an asp equivilent of .htaccess that is used on apache
servers but for use with asp.

I am doing a website and moving lots of files into a single directory to
make it easier to maintain, however, I don't want to loose the search engine
indexing that is already in place.
What I would like to have is a db/.htacces-like files, that when a page
doesn't exist the server redirect.

I have found several options however, there seem to be pros and cons with
all of them so I am not sure what is the usual process for achieving what I
am trying to achieve. I don't have direct access to IIS.

1) Custom error 404 to catch all 'non existant' pages, run through db and d0
a 302 redirect (but this wouldn't index on search engines??)
2) Custom error 404 to catch all 'non existant' pages, run through db and d0
a 301 redirect (but would this not index the 404 as the new page)
3) JS redirect (yuck, wouldn't reindex on search engines and doesn't cover
non JS peps)
4) Meta refresh (I have read search engines ignore these)
5)Creating copies of current path files, insert a 301 code manually into
each, and redirect to the relevent page (cumbersome to maintain)
6)Create a single 'generic' file, renamed as per current paths, but have a
DB back end to do the 301 redirect after it's checked the DB (again
cumbersome to maintain, but it would work if I can put asp code before the
7) Something I haven't considered - What could this be? - Something
generically doable in IIS (referencing a file) that I can send to the
hosting company perhaps?

Could you guys give me an insight to solutions tried and tested in ASP,
things which I haven't considered, bad and good practices. It may be a very
useful resource to others who are perhaps having similar problems finding a
solution as myself. What is considered the 'best practice', and be solution
considering the setup I have? Also, do 301 redirects reindex search engines
with the new _target_ path?



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