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Form mail security

the other john
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Yes, I am using JMail in this case. This is what I've done so far...

I went with CAPTCHA solution. I have it working correctly. How much
more secure it is I don't know. This is what I'm using.

I also did a mid() on the fields such as IP and subject, etc. to limit
how much would go through. I hadn't thought of doing a replace(). I
have dealt with CHR(10) before however, sorry. What is your method for
using Replace for multiple conditions? I mean doing 2 or 3 replaces on
a single dim or something?

I'm looking into the validation now, thanks!

Alex wrote:
> Hi John!
> I've read this thread, but I can't find what "mailer" you're using.
> With "mailer" I mean "are you using CDOSYS or CDONTS, or JMail maybe?
> Some other flavor? This might be of importance. If you're using JMail,
> the most important thing to do is check your HEADER fields for
> linefeeds/-breaks. So, replace each & every CHR(10)&Chr(13) with
> nothing, or a dash, whatever, just no breaks. Breaks make the
> mailercomponent think another header is comming up. You can use
> breaksline/feeds in the body though. However, it might be good
> practise to replace every linefeed/break everywhere. As far as the
> other options are concerned, I use so-called one-time-pads with my
> forms. This however might be a long short for you. As the IP can't be
> checked as you say, you might considder checking for valid e-mail
> addresses. There are quite solid methods to do that. Check this for
> example:
> There are better options though which check for genuine addresses.
> This involves requests to other servers though.
> Returning to the hidden IP; can't you "just" ignore each request
> comming from a hidden IP? Anyway, this as well is a good read:
> It opened my eyes for sure!
> Anyway, let us know more please!
> Best regards,
> - Alex.
> On 25 Jun 2006 11:30:50 -0700, "the other john" <(E-Mail Removed)>
> wrote:
> >I'm having trouble with spammers getting through my mail script. I've
> >heard of FormMail for php but I need a solution for ASP. Any
> >suggestions? I don't know how to stop these guys from using my forms
> >to spam.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >John

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