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FTP a file with ASP

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Ray Costanzo [MVP], in a reply on December 7th, 2005 suggested the article

as a means to upload, via FTP, a file to another server.

OK, given the flipping of the puts to gets, I am sure that with this method,
I can use this to retrive files from another server and place them in a
directory on my server. There are six files (the same 6 files) that I would
have to download on demand, and then import them into an SQL server via Data
Transformation Services.

Since I am looking into downloading files that are 8Mb each and getting
larger, how do you check this code for success/failure (or timeout).
Wouldn't IIS timeout a script on a long transfer?

Also, is there a security catch (provided that the script is hardcoded and
not in the webspace)?

Will this be a better solution than ASPInet that also would suffer from the
same timeout (although it does support success/failure)?

Sorry about the longwinded email but this part is new to me.


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