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Trouble with sitemap and roles in ASP2
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Has anyone else had any trouble setting up a sitemap view to be
filtered by roles?

We've put a cust role provider in place, and we can verify that it's
only being called once for each connection, and is returning the
correct roles, but...

When we specify a role on the top sitemapnode that role seems to add to
the roles on lower level nodes, so we end up needing to put roles="*"
on the top node, but then regardless of which role we put against the
subnodes they're all visible - seemingly inheriting this from the top



Causes nothing to be displayed (since we have trimming on, and there is
no role listed)

<sitemapnode roles="*">
<sitemapnode roles="Users"/>

Causes the inner node to be seen regardless of whether the user
connecting has a Users role or not

Any help/suggestions would be welcome

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Bob Barrows [MVP]
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      01-12-2006 Removed) wrote:
> Has anyone else had any trouble setting up a sitemap view to be
> filtered by roles?

Sounds like you need to be asking this question over at
Microsoft MVP -- ASP/ASP.NET
Please reply to the newsgroup. The email account listed in my From
header is my spam trap, so I don't check it very often. You will get a
quicker response by posting to the newsgroup.

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