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Response.flush not displaying content
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I'm trying to fire a pop-up window before I execute a lengthy stored
procedure so I may utilize this window as a status window on number of
records executed. After my response.write statements which include the
javascript I call the flush mehtod, which seems is ignored? However
when I mimic the same process using a loop (and no ado object) the
flush works correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions why this is
not working or a work around? Below are two sample code snippets 1st
does not work however 2nd works?

Thanks in advance for any input!

***** Does not work? ***
If sAction = "s" Then ' submit clicked

Response.Write("<script language=""Javascript"">")
Response.Write("var objWin = """",

' open DB
' execute stored procedure statement
' clean ado.connection object

end if

**** Does work *****
If sAction = "s" Then ' submit clicked
For i=0 to 10000

response.Write("@= " & i & "<br>")
if (i = 20) Then
Response.Write("script language=""Javascript""")
Response.Write("var objWin ="""",
End If
If Not Response.IsClientConnected Then
End If
end if

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