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Display Chinese character, work in one server but not in another

Jason Chan
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I have an asp to display data in database, the data is in big5 encoding
(chinese characters)

I haven't specify the codepage in the asp and placed the file into 2 machine.
When I browse the file in NT machine the chinese characters can display
correctly, but doesn't for the page in my winxp machine. Both OS is english
version. Since the file is actually the same (by copy and paste), so any
setting in the OS or IIS level cause the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Try saving each .aspx file using Kanji as unicode. In Visual studio:
File > Save as:
the save button, hit the little arrow & choose 'Save with encoding'

for encoding, choose Unicode UTF-8 with signature (if this doesn't work,
experiment with a few other codings like Chinese etc but this should work)


then refresh the page. It should display Kanji from then on.
(Kanji must be embedded in the HTML, won't translate garbage)

Also make sure that the request, response & file encoding in the
Globalization element in your web config is set to UTF-8 (Should be by
Hope this helps


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